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My Story

The Mad Soaper was born out of a Christmas gift experiment. I had gotten a couple cold processed soaps from a giftshop where my husband and I enjoyed our ninth wedding anniversary dinner. The soaps smelled great and had some cool, funky designs. I thought, I can do this! - and they would make great gifts for the holidays.

I was hooked from the first batch! And, after trying them in the shower, I was also convinced that I had been insane to use that bottled body wash for all those years. I decided that these small luxurious wonders should also be exciting to look at – their outsides should match their insides – and that’s what I’ve tried to do. I try to give a basic necessity a unique or beautiful aesthetic. This passion to create ‘pretty or unique things’ has also expanded into candles as it seemed a logical step to scent your home as well as your shower.

The philosophy around my products also includes being kind to the planet, animals and nature. Everything is created from plant-based materials, but never from palm oil. I also try to use only recyclable or biodegradable packaging. I sometimes need to use some plastic for certain items, but am always looking for alternative replacements where possible.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you find something you love!