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Lady Love Yoni Bar

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These special “yoni” bars are topped with rose petals, jasmine buds and chunky, faceted Rose quartz! Made from olive oil infused with yarrow, rosemary, mugwort, motherwort, calendula, lavender, red raspberry and rose petals - as well as cocoa and Shea butters- along with apple cider vinegar, colloidal oatmeal and kaolin clay!
Scented with an Amazing Grace type fragrance - Bergamot, lemon, citron and neroli, jasmine, orange blossom and rose with touch of musk and cedarwood.

**Remove crystals and botanicals before using

Handcrafted with plant-based ingredients: olive oil infused with yarrow, mugwort, motherwort, calendula, lavender, raspberry and rose petals, coconut oil, shea butter, apple cider vinegar, sodium hydroxide, rice bran oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, coconut milk, sweet almond oil, castor oil, colloidal oatmeal, kaolin clay, skin-safe fragrance, sodium lactate.

Each bar is approximately 4.5 oz.

**Make your soap last longer by keeping it dry between uses. Please use a soap dish that drains and keep it away from direct streams of water.

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